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Did Elaine Sheffer steal the house?

Well, we don't know. What we know for sure is, that her recent fiancé isn't a developer, and he owns only one house. At this moment, she still let him to live in the house, the house she pronounced as HERS house. All publicly in front of 3 people. So, I guess she is very serious about it and has a proof to show when asked by third legal party involved.

She tried really hard to put her fiancé, the grandfather of my kids, in a nursing facility, maybe the same facility as her other family members live in, to make the fake visits easier for her? Who knows?

She Elaine Sheffer threated her fiancé's kids with changing the lock while their dad, her fiancé was still in the hospital. Well it looks like she didn't have the funds to do so.

Fortunately for her fiancé, his kids took care of him for the whole time brought him home from hospital, as he wished in his will. She Elaine Sheffer tried very hard for her fiancé never come home from hospital. She plus the man, with very special relationship to her. The man who claims to be the best buddy of Pat.

Do you remember one of the traits from my list about best friends?

I think, if I am not mistaking, it is the same friend who in exchange for Elaine's attention and "friendship" provided the two bodyguards who showed up with the toys in theirs jackets at the funeral of her fiancé's daughter. What a couple:( What a screwed-up world.

But do you know what friends? She may be right, and we all are dummies here.

Why? Because these kind of people know their business and do things the rest of us wouldn't even think of. They are just Master of Criminal acts.

She may already have had Pat sign piece of paper where he would with big heart gave her the house without him even know about his generosity. Ops once again. This wouldn't be a new tactic of hers. She already let him sign an interesting document just few days after his brain surgery still with 54 stiches in his head. So, we know now, what she is capable of.

Well, all we can do is wait for the big day to find out. Will see what she will come with.

Please refresh your story line and come up with something new, more modern Elaine Sheffer, we don't live in 90' anymore. Surprise us.

I would like to gift you with curtesy call Elaine Sheffer. Talked to your lawyer ASAP. And pay the fee from your own pocket. Ops you would have to get a job first, right?

Who knows why you are not working for so many years? Ok, ok I will tell you why, just not today, gotta go. Dinner time.

More curtesy calls are coming..................How about TAX season is in full session.

That may be next. If I feel like.

You are very welcome.

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