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Hi everybody and welcome back. Today is January 19, 2022, my name is Tatiana Turner, short bio in my previous post.

As I promised I will be explaining to you every characteristic trait of a narcissistic psychopath that I listed in my text, titled Introduction to the Shitshow.

One week after my father-in-law got injured and had a brain surgery, as it wasn't bad enough his daughter lost her battle with a cancer. We miss you Kell and sorry for what happened at your funeral. So sorry. I hope you are doing good. I know you are. See you soon. By the time of the funeral, he was able to walk started to talk, recognized his kids, remembered some from the past, but very little or none about anything that may happened 5 minutes ago. But he felt better and better every day. Little by little, step by step. His daughter and son stayed by his side, took care of him with every task. Feeding, changing the clothes, cleaning his house, bathroom duties, shower etc.

Oki, this is a topic for another post.

Let's go back to the day of funeral.

Pat did make it! She ( not sure how I should call her, so let's call her Elaine Sheffer, I think this is her name , if she didn't change it once again by now) so she didn't show up, she probably knew better. But she hired two bodyguards.

And here comes the good part. Two ARMED bodyguards! She did it to the man she claims she loves, to the man who just got bad injury, to the man who just lost his daughter.

For Jesus Christ! I am asking you, what a sick mind it must be to do this!

These two angels where very nice and played with their jackets very well to make sure we all are aware of their belongings they brought with them.

Why she did it? Who knows why, maybe she thought some aliens may abduct him and then what? Who will take care of her? He promised it to her, right? to take care of her forever. Sounds familiar? For the one who don't know the background about my statement I just made or how should I call it, soon I will explain it to you in details. Soon, promise.

Shit, it's so much of this shit that I really don't know what to type first.

Now let's go to the point of this post. Later that day we were told that he, Pat, received life dead threats, so she tried to protect him. Funny because the next day, weeks and months he suddenly didn't need any protection anymore. Hm. Ok, we may pretend we understand, shit happens in life. Maybe somebody really tried to hurt him.

Fuck! Really? Pat? Him? Pat is regular civilian, didn't worked in politics or media, didn't have any enemies who may go after him . He is retired grandfather who enjoys his toys, life, good food. Who to hell would want to kill him! For Jesus Christ!

So, time passes by. It has been 3 months since this part of our shitshow. Suddenly, out of heaven she decided to change her story.

And now people you need to sit down when you hear this. This is the best part of this post.

She started to tell everybody that Pat (not her it is Pat who knows it - another characteristic trait of a psychopath, they will decide for you what you think) that HE feels in his gut it was his kids who tried to kill him. I don't know if I have to laugh or cry now. How pathetic and sick this is. So, it looks like I have a killer in my house.

Holly crap how could I married your son Pat? A killer. Fuck! How stupid I am! Didn't I go through some shit in my life already to know better? How could I mess up again?!!!

Well, in this case I should hire a bodyguard for myself. Maybe Elaine Sheffer can give me recommendation for a good one.

Fuck! And I have kids with my husband , the killer. Fuck, fuck ,fuck, now I am really worried about my safety and safety of my kids. Fuck!. Thanks, Elaine, for your warning.

No wonder that after her moves (remember my list? another characteristic trait, they talk to your friends and with big fat lies manipulate them and suck them in to their game) so no wonder that Pat's kids, after her performance and lies, got called monsters. That's right Pat, your friends called your kids MONSTERS. Publicly! It's up there. You know it calls internet, software, hardware whatever you like to call it.

Shit, I think Elaine Sheffer is getting hot flashes by now.

Let's wrap it up .

Very easy fix to this one. Give me your phone and I will tell you (if there was any message sent to you, if, right?) who sent it to you so you don't have to feel in your guts that your kids are trying to kill you, as she is saying that this is what you think. I will tell you what the person eats for dinner if you want,the last time he took a dump or what his mother's name is.

Hello there! , Adele is singing, we live in 21 century! I bet you 10 million bucks that one branch of this tree will end by a lady whose name right now is Elaine Scheffer.

To be continued.......

Thanks everybody for today, my next post is very juicy you will get some Hollywood atmosphere without being in the Hollywood.


Tatiana Turner

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