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Introduction To The Shitshow.

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Hi everybody and thank you for stopping by. My name is Tatiana Turner, today is January 18, 2022. Every post regarding following case is going to be written by me. I made this decision on my own nobody forced me or influenced me in any way. I was never treated with mental disorder or had any previous mental issues. All statements I am going to post are related to my own experiences in the past and present. I can back up every single word you are going to read, that is written by me. This is going to be a public affair allowing every party (family, friends, neighbors, lawyers, media…….) who is going to be involved, easily and anytime to have an access. I am open to discussion!

My short bio. – For a few years before I moved to USA, I worked as a teacher. After my relocation I am a school district employee for almost 20 years now, working as paraprofessional in special education which is one of my several jobs. I regularly go through background check, I never lied or hurt anybody, I don’t take drugs or any other substance, I have a clean criminal record.

On last day in October 2021, my father-in-law got injured very badly, underwent a brain surgery. The recovery as you can imagine takes some time. His close family is trying to help him in every possible way for him to come back and continue his life on his own and in the way he chooses to.

Unfortunately, the situation got more complicated that anybody would be expecting. Criminal actions of few people who are trying to take over every affair in his life,including medical decisions, are affecting not only his life, but also the life of my family and hundreds of people in our circle. Later I will explain how. Step by step you’re going to see clear evidence of every word I will type , and be able to decide for yourself.

I wish this shit-show ends soon so please, if you, who are convince that we are the ones doing wrong, Please ! contact your lawyer, do it now to speed up the process of your own downfall and make everybody a favor. We all need our lives back, we have jobs to go, families to take care of and covid.

Until we come to the resolution here is my contribution.

I will start with a list of basic characteristic traits of a person with a mental disorder called “narcissistic psychopath”. Every word in this list is based on my own experience. I was married to one and learned the hard way who they are and how their brain works. I will go to detail of everything on this list in my next posts. Now just the list to get you all in the picture.

They pick YOU from to crowd before you even notice them.

They crawl into your life slowly.

They are very charming.

They move and talk slowly.

The ton of their voice is very calm.

They make an impression of being a very intelligent human beings.

They lie. It is the only language they now. They do it so professionally that every human being believes them . Until there is time to show evidence. But it doesn’t stop them, they move next door and continue the same performance. Over and over again. With their lies they try to suck, the other innocent people in your life like your friends and family, into their game. And they do a freaking good job. With big fat lies.

That is how they break every relationships you ever have had. Before you know it you are alone .That is what they want .

You belong to them, forever.

You are their ownership as everything else you own and work hard for in your life. It doesn’t belong to you anymore and they will say it loud. Your house is theirs house , your blanket is not yours anymore, its theirs. You can use it, but that’s it.

They like expensive clothes.

They love their bodies and spend a lot of money and time to look good. No treatment to help them to look better and better is strange to them. Few bucks will end in this department.

You are their possession. They don’t see a human being in you or anybody else.

They won’t break your leg or neck but with their actions and words ,they hurt not only male , females but unfortunately innocent children, including their own children, mother, father, sisters , brothers. Adults can in most cases recover, unfortunately every single affected child ends in medical care.( This last fact about affected children is from case of his last victim)

Oh sorry, little correction to this statement, they will break your neck at some point but they will do it when nobody is around and looking☹ You will end up with no proof, even if you call 911 and spend hours at the police station. No evidence, no help ☹ But it was like that years ago these day with cameras everywhere situation changed a lot for most of the victims.

They decide for you what you think

They decide where you go and when you go, without you knowing, they are the ones who made the choice, not you.

They are wrapped around your body like a snake. Very tight. They may leave the house for a minute because they need to do other shit too, and give you a time to take a breath, so you don’t suffocate yourself because they still need you. By the time you take that breath and start thinking what the hell is going on here, the very second they are back and they wrap themselves back very tight around your body.

They will call you my fiancé, my husband or my wife long after the show is over. Forever and everywhere.

They fuck your best friend. The one who is your very very best friend for years, the one closest to you, the one you trusted and went through some shit together. You find out about it after the shit show is over or somebody opens your eyes. But in most cases, nobody wants to have anything to do with it. Shit, we are talking about your best buddy. Why would they. Hm , sounds familiar?

They fuck everybody if they find out that at some point in the future they may need them or rob them. Because they need money for living.

They don’t work. Most of the time they are jobless. Like, I would say most of the most times.

You are their resource.

If you kick them of of your house through the door, they come back through the window. They will find the way even if you change the lock. Hm.

They are most of the time stockers. They are everywhere where are you. If you think you are finally alone and enjoying your walk they jump strait in front of your face.

You can’t get rid of them on your own. Attorneys have to get involved. A lot of people have to speak out and join the forces. It is very long road but it is 100% possible and doable.

Especially these days with all available resources.

They are great manipulators.

They won't change or leave the scene. Ever. They stay with no shame in the same city neighborhood forever and are very proud of themself.

They go in front of judge and still lie like they saying the clearest truth in the whole universe. At this point every judge quietly roles his eyes and the show is over.

It is a long game they are playing ,and they enjoy every minute of it. This is their purpose of life.

Does any of this sounds familiar to you? Or all of it? Pretty scary realization. Right?

You Pat, you were always nice to me. Since the first moment we met you opened your home and welcomed me into your family. You always helped all your children when they needed. Until Ms. Sheffer entered your life. Suddenly everything changed. Don't you see it? Your whole existence went down a big time. Every aspect of it. Exactly from the moment she appeared.

Don't judge the book by the cover. So true with psychopaths.

I never asked you for a single thing in my entire life. And I or us, we never will, because we don’t need your keys, maybe she does or her boyfriend. All we need is a loving and caring present father and grandfather. That is all. Please come back soon for sake of your family.

If this doesn’t open your eyes there is unfortunately no eye doctor who can help.

I also want to let you know, that this is not your fault as it wasn’t my fault back then. There is no reason to be ashamed. I know how much it means to you what your friends and family will say. How will they look at you? Don’t worry the real them will stay in your life no matter what.

You didn’t know her; and by the time you may knew it was too late, the snake was wrapped around your body. You may fall in love, and everything seemed to be like a dream to you. To have charming, good-looking woman who can talk so smooth and sound so intelligent, who scratches your toenails and says how much she loves you. The snake is wrapped so tight around you that there in no way for you to think or help yourself on your own. I am not sure if you are reading this or are able to comprehend yet, but I am telling you, that you, you are not alone. You have a huge! family around you, who is here for you. Ready to help!

Give me a call please I will fill my car and drive north. I will come and tell you more. I will also bring a good Russian vodka with me, to help you with digestion of everything I will tell you. It is very strong coffee for any human being to hear.

I will describe to you the tone of her voice when she talks to you, I will tell you what she thinks when she is with you, I will tell you where she goes when she leaves the house, I will tell you what she is saying about you when she is not with you, I will tell you where and how she touches you, I will tell you how long is she on her knees to brainwash you, I will tell you the words she is telling your friend to fool them and suck them in to her game, I will tell you when she is going to exit your life.

Well, I can start with the last one for today. Once she steals everything from you (your access and your life) and there is nothing left for her, after when you lose your job thanks to her, your business and costumers, friends, family she is going to move to her next victim. The one she was looking for while she was still with you. Because she doesn’t give a fuck about you or anybody else. She simply can’t, it is a mental disorder google it! And as for many mental disorders there is no cure, yet! This is what they do for living. They are criminals and they stay criminals.

To give you a little taste of my next post ask her what name she called you and your family while you were in ICU. She called you and your kids a fucked-up people. Sorry, I saved you the question I want to speed it up. There is more of this lovely shit, will come in next post.

But Karma is a bitch! They all end up in the place where they belong.

For years I didn’t give a FUCK about psychopaths. They are simply not worth it. Life is short.

As of today January 18, 2022 I am editing my life. Publicly.

In a legal and transparent way.

I am going to give a huge, humongous FUCK this time.


I won’t let some narcissistic psychopath to hurt my family, my children!

You don’t mess with mothers Ms. Sheffer, ever.

I am here and will be with my little contribution, until the last chapter of this shit show is written.

Thank you for reading everybody and please share with your friends and their friends. You never know when these information and gained knowledge you get via my posts will help somebody one day.

To be continued…………

Soon. I need a good night sleep first😊


Tatiana Turner

English is my second, third or fifth? language so sorry for the typos. Trying my best😊 Thanks!

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