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My Deepest Apologies to Elaine Sheffer

This is going to be very short post. I would like publicly apologize to Elaine Sheffer ,as she is requesting for few months now from us, but nobody got the guts to do it. We are simply not sure how she can twist our apologies in her mind and use it against us:)))) one day.)

So, I will try to put my guts together now, take my chances and I am publicly apologizing for assuming in my previous post that she said that her fiancé thinks his son tried to kill him.

My deepest apologies. I was very wrong.

Thanks for changing your story about the killer for a third time and opening my eyes. I already feel better knowing that I am not sleeping next to a killer.

Now, your third version of your story is, that your fiancé feels in his gut that it wasn't his son as I said (for what I apologize again and again to everybody who got hurt by me saying it, of course you first Elaine Sheffer) but that it was his baby daughter.

Again (this is another characteristic trait of narcissistic psychopath - their victims think what they - the psychopaths - want them to think)

So, his baby daughter tried to kill your fiancé, as for today.

You know the one who just visited YOUR house Elaine Sheffer, the one you love, the one who just went for a car ride with your fiancé, her dad, and got her car filled up and guess what she got more from him not just a gas :))). I don't know why any father would do such a thing.

I assume this is what bothers you most. Is this why you suddenly for a third time changed your story? I already feel bad for his baby daughter. She has no idea how she messed up. Right? Talking to her dad. What a big mistake!

Lady, you need some serious help.

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