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Ti Amo

Today I saw a post from my buddy in crime during my college years Romanchen, about Italian language which is his favorite. I couldn't help myself, to many things came to my mind and I like to share some of them with you. I am attaching a screenshot of my playlist I listen to everyday while taking a walk. Do you see the first 3 songs Romanchen? :)) They give me a smile on my face every day no matter how shitty the day is. I am getting pretty good at Italian, too. I fully mastered the refrain of the song. It has only 2 words repeating like 15 times but still:) And when nobody is around, I sing it loud full of proud how good my Italian is:))

How did we end up as friends? I don't remember. Was it because we come from the same city or because we both ended up having kid during the college years? Anyways, it's not important anymore. Just wondering. Oki, let's get started It always comes to one thing in life. That everything happens for a reason. Sooner or later we always find the answers to the short question WHY? Roman has loved the Italian language since he was a kid. Unfortunately, he wasn't accepted to college to study this "love of his" and ended up in the same college as me. Lucky me. And here is the answer to the question WHY Roman. We shared German classes, studying for exams together with Janka (she is another genius in my life) while eating a full bowl of spaghetti with ketchup and cream cheese that made us fat:) Roman is one of the people who will make friends everywhere he goes, in a second. You will never find a person so likable as him. I am mentioning this because thanks to his special gift many of us passed a few hard tests from lexicology, given to us by the visiting professor, who forgot we are just poor kids trying to become teachers, not his advanced students from his home college he was teaching at. Thanks to Roman who had friends everywhere we always knew what the test was going to be about and made the professor wonder about how to hell these kids are better than his advanced kids. Now you know how :) professor. The professor was something else. Back then, he was in his free time memorizing a German dictionary. He was on the word 300 I guess; do you remember Roman? There are many more answers to the question WHY things happened as they did Roman so don't be sad. You never stop studying Italian on your own and I bet you speak better than any college grad by now. BTW for the ones who don't know Roman, he is the language wizard. Do I have enough fingers to count the languages you speak? I am not sure. So proud of having a friend like you! So many people including I are so lucky you enter our lives. Many times, memories we made are the only things that bring a smile to our face. And I bet everybody who knows you smiles a lot. I do. So, Ti Amo to you Romanches , Ti Amo to everybody I met during my almost 10 years in a small college town where I was dumped as 14y. old kid to study in boarding all girls high school and stayed there all the way to college. Most of you, if not all, are teachers and I can say loud without a blink of my eyes you are not only the best of the best, exceptional, creative, loving and caring teachers our kids and parents can wish for, but I will all remember you as honest, good hearted, funny and sometimes crazy and evil (I can't be all nice) friends who survived the torture we went through sometimes, in a good spirit. Well, Ti Amo not for everybody from that town, if I have to be completely honest:)

I don't Ti Amo my ex- who happens to be a narcissistic psychopath. The one I married, had a kid with and managed to divorce. Not to him dammit. I am not that drunk. But here we go, things happen for a reason in our lives, as I said. This part in my life happened for a reason as well (will talk about it later) for now just to be more optimistic, one good thing came out of this shitty time period, my beautiful, smart and spoiled daughter who ironically is getting her PhD in psychology so she can better understand the sick mind of narcissistic psychopaths in case some will try to enter her life one day.

Because they are everywhere in Slovakia or California, they come in both genders male or female and they enter your life slowly, quietly and with a soft tone in their voice they take over your life before you know it. And they can't stop it because it is a mental disorder. They will find a new victim and keep doing their things. And then another and another. Until somebody says enough is enough. Like in his case. I think one lady got the guts and energy to send him to the place where he belongs. Karma is a bitch! and every narcissistic psychopath ends in the same place at some point. (topic for next reflection). So much for today, Ciao with Ti Amo, TT

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